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제조사 Warm Audio
원산지 해외
소비자가 598,000원
판매가 598,000원
상품코드 P00000HF
수량 수량증가수량감소
트렌드 기본트렌드
국내·해외배송 국내배송
배송방법 택배
배송비 2,500원 (50,000원 이상 구매 시 무료)
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Great 500 Series Preamp, Amazing Value



Many Sweetwater engineers prefer mic preamps that do something. And no, we’re not talking about raising gain – they all do that. We’re talking about making your signal sound better. Character. Coloration. Whatever you want to call it, it’s that inimitable sonic quality that the most coveted classic consoles and outboard gear had. Warm Audio’s WA12 500 Series preamp has it, shaping your sound with an exciting, vibey warmth that makes any vocal or instrument sit proud in your mix. We dig the Warm Audio WA12, and – especially considering its gentle pricetag – we’re sure you will, too.



Warm Audio WA12 500 Series Mic Preamp at a Glance

  • Coloration – and why you want it
  • Impedance switching gives you versatility
  • Top-tier performance – and a amazing value



Coloration – and why you want it

The most coveted vintage consoles and outboard gear weren’t transparent. Au contraire. And that’s the point behind the Warm Audio WA12. Coloration is, in many cases, desirable. If your mixes sound unprofessional, lacking in vibrance and depth, you’ll adore the WA12. Subjective listening tests played a big part in the development of this amazing 500 Series preamp. Test equipment can tell you only so much, and there’s a point in the design process where you’ve got to let your ears call the shots. You wouldn’t mix with earplugs and an oscilloscope, would you?



Impedance switching gives you versatility

Warm Audio equipped the WA12 a secret weapon: a Tone button that switches the input impedance from 600 to 150 ohms. Pushing this button changes the tone of both the mic and hi-Z inputs, letting you individually optimize for each of your microphones and giving you a measure of sonic versatility without your having to resort to EQ. And speaking of mics, with 71dB of gain, the WA12 has enough on tap to handle your favorite ribbon mics.



Top-tier performance – and amazing value

At Sweetwater, we understand that outfitting your studio is a balancing act between performance and value. Warm Audio gets that, too, and their WA12 delivers on both counts. In spite of its ultra-reasonable pricing, Warm Audio gear is made using only the finest components like genuine Cinemag input and output transformers. Look at it this way: at this price, you can pack your rack with two or more WA12 preamps – a capital idea if you record live drums or more than one track at a time.



Warm Audio WA12 500 Series Mic/Instrument Preamp Features

  • A robust 71dB of gain powers all your mics – even ribbons
  • High voltage 1731-style operational amplifier
  • Tone button gives you tonal versatility by switching input impedance from 600 to 150 ohms
  • Fully discrete design
  • 48-volt phantom power; 20dB pad
  • Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4″ TRS
  • Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4″ TRS
  • 2-megohm true hi-Z input on front panel – great for guitars, bass, keyboards
  • Custom-designed Cinemag input and output transformers

Pack your rack with the Warm Audio WA12 500 Series mic pre!




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