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기본 정보
제조사 Benchmark Media Systems
원산지 미국
소비자가 1,880,000원
판매가 1,880,000원
상품코드 P00000CX
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트렌드 기본트렌드
국내·해외배송 국내배송
배송방법 택배
배송비 2,500원 (50,000원 이상 구매 시 무료)
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The DAC2 DX replaces the DAC2 D while adding several important features:

o    Dual analog output buses

o    XLR AES digital input

o    12V trigger I/O

o    Improved DIM and MUTE functions


o    Reference-Quality Studio Monitoring

o    Sound-Card Elimination for Computer Audio

o    Stand-Alone Headphone Amplifier  for Digital Sources

o    USB to SPDIF Transfer Device


The DAC2 DX uses digital connections (USB, Optical, Coaxial, or AES) to bypass the low-quality built-in converters that are included in many audio products. 

o    Audio Output Device for Music and Video Servers

o    Home Hi-Fi Playback from Digital Sources

o    Audio Output Device for TV and Home Theater Systems




o    Sample-Rate Display

o    Word-Length Display

o    Six Digital Inputs

o    Three Stereo Analog Outputs

o    Two Independent Analog Output Buses

o    Digital Pass Through

o    Dual HPA2™ Headphone Outputs

o    Headphone Mute Switch - left headphone jack mutes main output, function may be defeated

o    Native DSD Conversion

o    Native PCM Conversion

o    Asynchronous USB 2.0

o    Asynchronous USB 1.1 for Driverless Operation

o    Volume Control Bypass Function for Main Bus

o    Volume Control Bypass Function for Auxiliary Bus

o    12V Trigger I/O - for sequenced system power switching

o    Mute Relays - on all analog outputs

o    Optional IR Remote Control - with heavy-duty metal housing

o    Power Switch

o    Low Power Consumption


Benchmark includes some exciting technologies in the DAC2:

o    Hybrid Gain Control

o    Low-Impedance Passive Output Attenuators

o    High-Headroom DSP

o    UltraLock2™ Jitter Attenuation System

o    High-Headroom 32-bit DSP

o    Quad 32-bit balanced D/A Conversion System

o    Multi-Mode Asynchronous USB Audio System

o    Digital Diagnostic Display

o    Volume-Control Bypass

o    Digital Pass Through

o    Distributed Power Regulation

o    "Zero-Ohm" HPA2 Headphone Amplifier




SNR:  126 dB, A-Weighted

SNR:  123 dB, Unweighted

THD+N:  -109 dB, 0.00035% (1 kHz, 0 dBFS)

THD+N, -108 dB, 0.00040% (20 to 20 kHz sweep at - 3 dBFS)

Frequency Response:  +0 dB/-0.04 dB (20 to 20 kHz at Fs=96 kHz )




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